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Compare DEMO vs Final product  

The Universe MIDI DEMO 2016

Typically our songs go through tens of demo stages over a period of years, before the final sound is achieved. Here are 2 benchmarks for you to compare, the first has absolutely no real instrumentation added to it yet, comprised entirely of fake 'midi' sounds stored on a hard drive.

The Second is the finished product that is out now. Perhaps have a listen to the demo while you look around this page!

The Universe Studio Version 2020
Alan Watts Spoken Word in the Universe

Pt I - “The relationship between the organism and the environment is transactional—the environment grows the organism, and the organism creates the environment. The organism turns the sun into light, but it requires an environment containing a sun for there to be an organism at all. And the answer to it is simply, they're all one process. It isn’t, that organisms by chance came into this world — Put it rather this world is the sort of environment that grows organisms. It was that way from the beginning.


Pt II -But from the moment it went bang in the beginning, organisms like us were involved in it, there may be billions of years between the creation of the most primitive form of energy, and then the arrival of intelligent life - but its already implied, it takes time for an acorn to turn into an oak tree, but the oak is already implied in the acorn, so don't differentiate yourself, and standoff against this and say " I am a living organism in a world made of allot of dead junk... rocks and stuff". It all goes together. Those rocks are just as much you as your figure nails. YOU NEED ROCKS... WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO STAND ON?"


The Story

The birth of this song came from Composer Daniel. Somewhere in his 2nd and 3rd semester at Berklee, Daniel became incredibly inspired by all the amazing people, coaches, musicians, composers and brilliant minds that he encountered. Being unable to contain this excitement, the band received a rough demo of half of this song months before anyone was able to sit and record it. This song was the direct result of pouring inspiration onto a screen after a class led by Victor Wooten.


Every month at Berklee, Mr Wooten will do 3-5 classes on campus, which are open to all musicians. He guarantees that you will leave the room a better musician than when you walk in. 3/4 Nova members have now participated in these classes and can confirm the sheer magic in the room as well as the wisdom endowed during the class. With the right attitude and mindset, Berklee can be an incredibly inspiring and soul fuelling place for any musician. When this inspiration is then channeled into music, a multitude of awesomeness can appear!

The Meaning

The notion behind “The Universe” encourages us to diversify our connection to everything around us. It describes a way of perceiving the world, as though we are intimately connected to everything and everyone in it. This song is an audible representation of the great harmony that exists on Earth when you choose to see it. It also encourages each of us to evolve our perspectives toward our connection to The Universe.

In a culture obsessed with the pursuits of the individual, It can be easy to fall into the belief that humans are the most important beings in existence. Though our capacity to manipulate the physical world is notable and our material achievements, creature comforts and conveniences are at an all-time high, we would be foolish to accept these privileges along with a superiority complex. Must material achievement always lead to arrogance? What really happens to us if we win the fight to 'conquer' the natural world? If we are indeed indistinguishable from the natural world, are we not, in fact, conducting an autoimmune response founded in unfortunate miss identity? We are no more important to the universe as a single acorn is to the entire forest. Take it away and no one will even notice, but let it grow in the right conditions and it will sprout a huge and mighty oak tree whose beauty and purpose cannot be questioned. 

The Making of

Sydney 2019

Boston 2018

Boston 2018 (Berklee dorm Bass Recording sessions)

Sydney 2016 Drum garage practice Sessions  (Anzac parade - the birthplace of Nova)

Sydney "The Lock up Studios" 2017 Drum Recording Sessions  (Ex-police station and now demolished)






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