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Who We Are


Daniel Greis

Jesse Turner

Gareth Cohen

Brad Williamson


Nova Incepta are an international collaboration of artists whose sound is an amalgamation of Cinematic Orchestral Scoring, Progressive Rock/Metal and World Music.

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Member Bios:



                               An extremely passionate drummer and percussionist who brings 19 years of experience to the table. Gareth's musical career has taken him around the world, to places such as South Africa, Dubai and multiple states throughout Australia. Throughout his personal and professional music career, Gareth has performed with the likes of Santana, Toto, Dubai Drums, Soul Drummer and Spankinhide. A graduate from the Australian Institute of Music, Gareth continues to grow his personal, professional and spiritual connection to Music. We consider Gareth to be the main visionary behind the band. Aside from playing drums, he is also a Composer, Producer, Co-Manager and content creator for the online realm. Gareth indeed wears many hats, as well as a Pilot’s hat – as he is currently studying Aviation. Gareth also takes on a mentor role for many of his own students, teaching them Drums and African Percussion, cultivating his belief that music heals people and stimulates the mind, especially for children. Gareth’s favourite Genres to play are Progressive Rock/Metal as well as World and West African music.

Gareth Cohen-


 Jesse Turner - 

                                                             An incredibly diverse Guitarist, with over 15 years of experience. Being welcomed into the realm of music from a very young age through his family, he began learning music at age 10. Jesse is influenced by all different styles of music and believes that there truly is good music in every genre. Jesse’s appreciation and enjoyment of a vast array of genres influences his composition style, which spans across most of the musical spectrum. Jesse had been writing music with both Drummer Gareth and Composer Daniel for years before Nova Incepta and after being pressured by both of them to focus more on their music, he pitched them the idea of unifying. This idea was the birth of Nova Incepta. Jesse has most recently returned back home to Sydney, after living out his childhood dream of studying at the Berklee College of Music. 

New Music Nova Incepta
New Music Nova Incepta

                                     Brad began playing bass at age 10, and quickly fell in love with Progressive Metal. He then spent the next 8 years studying it and honing his skills in order to audition for Berklee College of Music, where he began his studies in 2017. Before Brad even arrived on campus, his colleague had referred him to this Cinematic Progressive Metal band that was looking for a bassist: Nova Incepta. After auditioning, Daniel, Jesse, and Gareth fell in love with Brad’s Bass playing and decided that he was the perfect fit for Nova. It was like putting the last piece into a beautiful puzzle; being the only non-Aussie in the Band, Brad has also picked up some valuable terminology that he believes will come in handy if he ever gets into a tussle with a kangaroo! 

Brad Williamson -

New Music Nova Incepta
New Music Nova Incepta

Daniel Greis - 

                                                  An independent Composer and Producer, whose diverse musical taste trajected him into a large range of musical realms, styles and mediums. As far back as he can remember, Daniel has passionately pursued the world of music. He has been a dedicated drummer & classical trumpet player since the age of 7, an ambitious composer & producer for 12 years and an enthusiastic academic in the field of music. He is a Berklee College of Music Alumni (Graduate in Film Scoring) and in addition spent years studying Sound and Music Design at UTS. He was mentored and trained directly by Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg), experiencing the development of many film scoring projects in real-time, including “Terminator – Dark Fate” and “Sonic the Hedgehog”. Daniel continues today to expand his overall compositional style and techniques, writing & producing music for artists, bands, collaborations, movies, tv series, video games and more! Although no matter where he is on his musical journey, Nova Incepta is his long-time passion project that will always be close to his heart.

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