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We sent Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) a track from our album, here's what he had to say...

We sent Neal Morse (Transatlantic/Spock's Beard) a track from our  album, here's what he had to say...

Neal Morse song review

"Wow... I wasn't expecting that! The bass and drums are super tight! Lead guitar is awesome! The mix is quite good as well... You all are amazing musicians! Thanks and blessings to you and your music!"



"There is so much sonic goodness on Visions of Arcadia, but it doesn’t over stay its welcome. The album length and the diversity spread across these tracks makes for an intoxicating listen. I loved the abundance of creative musical expressions on this record." 

The Circle Pit Review Nova Incepta

''Lush, exotic, and experimental sounds await all those who pass... Nova Incepta makes the music Nova Incepta wants to make and they do a damn good job of it.''

Music Review

They’re crafting cinematic music that’s more than capable to stand on its own. Visions of Arcadia is beautiful and complex, impressive from all perspectives;

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