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Compare DEMO vs Final product  


Typically our songs go through tens of demo stages over a period of years, before the final sound is achieved. Here are two benchmarks for you to compare, the first was assembled for our drummer Gareth to practice too before his recording sessions in Sydney 2017. Dummy Guitars can be heard from Jesse, who subsequently went through and re-recorded all of his parts again for the final result after the drums had been recorded. All other instrumentation is fake MIDI including the bass, as Brad Williamson (who was in Boston at the time) hadn't even been discovered yet! The Second is the finished product that is out now. Perhaps have a listen to the demo while you look around this page!

Polarity Studio Version

The Story

Believe it or not, the writing for this song began during the final stages of recording for the EP. This song (like most of our songs) began with Composer Daniel creating a rough scaffolding and then sitting with Guitarist Jesse to translate things onto the Guitar. Whilst there were a couple of sections that needed reworking, the harmonic structure of this song remained mostly consistent throughout it’s evolution from demo to final master (which is quite abnormal for us).


Once we reached the stages of learning the midi and evolving the parts to inject our own unique musical voices into them, we began upgrading the overall sound quality of the material. The middle section of the song took drummer Gareth and guitarist Jesse a lot longer to write, learn and record. The struggle for that middle section (The crazy instrumental passage which leads into the solo) lasted weeks to months. However, the payoff was incredibly worth it!!!

The Meaning

Understanding that polarity is required for the greater development of humanity is an extremely tricky thing to do. How would anyone know their own truth without seeing the truth (or falsities) of others? “There is no energy unless there is a tension of opposites; hence it is necessary to discover the opposite, to the attitude of a conscious mind.” Carl Jung. While we are one as a collective, understanding that our differences are what make us unique is extremely necessary. It is only once people label, judge and criticise their opposites that understanding has stopped and growing is halted. Knowing the inevitability of Polarity, whilst understanding and appreciating people for their differences is how the collective consciousness will come together and make the world a better place for everyone.


Neither black nor white is the soul, neither gay nor straight, male or female, right or wrong. The soul just is, transcendent, omnipotent, complete within itself, the dualism of polarity merges into one whole (Wholy) truth…. And that truth my friends, is LOVE.

The Making of

Sydney 2019

Boston 2018

Boston 2018 (Berklee dorm Bass Recording sessions)

Sydney 2016 (Maroubra Drum Practice sessions)


Sydney 2016 Drum garage practice Sessions  (Anzac parade - the birthplace of Nova)

Sydney "The Lock up Studios" 2017 Drum Recording Sessions  (Ex-police station and now demolished)

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