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FILM Sync:

What you can expect if you decide to team up with us 

Brad AO piano Solo COMING SOON

Brad AO piano Solo COMING SOON

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Disclaimer* The video in this piece is the property of Walden Media, Dreamworks and Disney and we do not own the rights to it.  We have no intention of selling this work to make any kind of financial gain. Its purpose is merely to give you an idea of what our music feels like when synced to modern film.

Game Sync:


Ryse Son of Rome

Daniel Greis

Gareth Cohen

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Daniel Greis

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A Drummer-composer of 17 years, Studied Composition and film scoring at Australian Institute of Music 



an extremely passionate drummer and percussionist bringing 17 years of experience to the table. Gareth traveled the world performing and practicing his musical talent with different international cultures including South Africa, Dubai and multiple states throughout Australia. Throughout his personal and professional music life, Gareth has performed with the likes of Santana, Toto, Dubai Drums and Soul Drummer. A graduate from the Australian Institute of Music, Gareth continues to grow his personal, professional and spiritual connection with Music, taking on lead composition and production roles as well as taking on the mentor role for many of his own students, teaching them drums. Gareth believes music heals people and stimulates the mind, especially in young children and seniors. His forte genre sits comfortably with progressive rock/metal as well as classical, ethnic and West African music.

A drummer Composer of 15 years, Currently attending Berklee School of Music


An independent composer and producer whose musical experience started from a very young age of 8. Starting off as a drummer, Daniel was later introduced to the world of writing and production, thereafter it became his most valued musical passion and priority. He then went off to study Sound and Music Design in Australia for two years, gaining knowledge in the world of production before making the decision to migrate to the United States. Currently Daniel is studying Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music in Boston and while Nova is at the top of his priorities, Daniel is involved in a diverse range of personal music projects. Daniel shares his love for the arts in general, as he believes everyone is born with hidden gifts, but it is our job to seek it, find it and then embrace that gift for the world to see!

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