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From the Composer

"Arise from an Oblivion into a world of Existence. Arise from the Dark and Fade into light. Arise beyond a Personal Truth into a Collective understanding. Arise from the ground up but know where you have risen from. Arise with clear intention and let passion be the driving force. Arise with love and let love be the inevitable response. Arise and you shall see the change before your eyes. Otherwise let it be a dream, of which has no optimal trajectory, for is it worth it? So Arise my brothers and sisters! Arise and awaken from the dream, we are ready to see our optimal reality”

The Meaning

Our first track Arise represents the need for vast unification. One of this words' definitions is, “to move upwards and ascend”. We see this as both a metaphorical and literal call to action. A call to move beyond limitation and to focus on a greater objective. Metaphorically, it’s a call to refocus our intentions as a collective and manifest a more favourable living situation on Earth for a the vast majority of us.

The multiple textures of this track create an almost choir-like feeling; this represents a culmination of the voices of the people. People who will not be silenced, who will not be ignored, and will not settle for anything less than a better future. Alone, our voices fall into the endless void; but together, we Arise..

The Story

Our objective for this song was to simplify our creative process and showcase each member of the band in their element. We wanted to give people a short and concise introduction into who Nova Incepta are as individuals and as a unit. The evolution of this song was genuinely effortless and quite enjoyable for us, with each of us adding to the music in various ways. Our goal here was to display each of the unique voices in this band, whilst also displaying how we unify as a collective.

With most of us being spread out across the world (in Sydney, Queensland and Boston), this song gradually evolved from demo to final material whilst certain members were moving countries and states. This song started in Sydney (with 3/4 members being in one place) and then composer Daniel Greis and guitarist Jesse Turner moved to Boston, MA and finished the song after meeting Brad at Berklee and welcoming him to the band. Meanwhile, drummer Gareth recorded all the drums for this album in Sydney (got injured in the process) and then moved to Queensland (roughly 10 hours north of Sydney), where he currently lives and studies Aviation.

The Making of

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