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The Story

Anonymous Oracle emerged from a series of sit-down sessions between Composer Greisy and Guitarist Jesse. These two have an extremely extensive musical chemistry from their years of playing in their first band together. Sometime later, they decided to try to combine forces again and write a song, just for fun. This song had undergone a series of evolutions over the next 6 months and eventually grew into the arduous journey that is Anonymous Oracle. 


This piece was particularly interesting because of what each of them brought to the table. Jesse, bringing some harmony, melody, guitar solos and intricate virtuosic tapping ideas and Greisy bringing dense orchestral harmony, song structure, rhythmic demoing (midi drums) and pre-production of a lot of the song. As the song approached completion, it was clear that real drums would make a world of difference for the music. So Jesse, who'd been working on another arduous instrumental with Drummer/Composer Gareth, for a project called, Nova Incepta, decided to ask Gareth to play Drums on this song. Gareth enthusiastically said yes. It was from here that Jesse incited that the 3 individuals combine forces to create a powerful collective. 


Gareth practiced for a few months, evolved the midi parts extensively and then went into the studio to lay down drums for the entire “New Initiatives” EP, of which Anonymous Oracle is track 2. Fast forward two years after the EP to the EPIC introduction of Brad Williamson. Brad fit the part in every single way the band could imagine! That being the case, they decided to re record all the Rhythm Guitars and record Brads Bass into the song. They then re-mixed and re-mastered the song and this is what you will hear on our album “Visions of Arcadia”.

The Meaning

Buried within each of us is what some people may call an instinct compass. This compass helped us evolutionarily evolve into the multifaceted beings we are today. It worked alongside our logic and rationality in order to give us incredible insights for our own survival. To this day, many cultures still use this compass to benefit themselves, heal the sick, protect themselves from incoming threats and provide profound insights into certain situations. Many books still recount on such a compass from ancient times all the way up to modern times. The modern compass is known as a deep connection to one's own intuition or higher self. There are many techniques and practices in existence that aim to enhance this connection. These practices also teach us how to distinguish this compass from our other unique “feelings or voices”. This potential lives within each one of us and can be considered, one’s own personal Anonymous Oracle.


Anonymous Oracle is a term we’ve coined to describe a connection to something ‘other-worldly’ or ‘beyond our immediate senses’. This is something that we believe everybody has access to. Amongst many spiritual leaders, authors, philosophers and even scientists - it has many names. “Intuition, Higher Self, Source Energy, Ancestors, Spirit Guides or even Guardian Angels”. Tying on from the concept of “A Glimpse of Clarity”, which is all about profound moments of vast understanding, “Anonymous Oracle” is all about what actually brings us that clarity. How are we incited to feel, act, think or question in a way that allows us to find that place of overarching perspective and divine knowing? How we get there is a mystery, the place we end up in is a mystery and what we receive can also be considered a mystery. This mysterious insight, we believe, comes from an Anonymous Oracle. Be it from within you or above you, there is always something there guiding you towards it and it towards your assistance.


There is a voice in your head that only speaks from stillness, peace and composure. You may not like what it has to say, but it knows what’s best for you and always guides you towards its distant beckoning. It is always present, watching from within you without judgment nor prejudice - if only you should quieten your mind enough, you shall hear its loving call, “follow me my love, I know the way”. 

The Making of

Charlotte 2017  (Brad's Audition for Nova!)

Boston 2018 (Teaching Brad the Riffs)

Sydney "The Lock up Studios" 2017 Drum Recording Sessions  (Ex-police station and now demolished)

Sydney 2016 (Maroubra Drum Practice sessions)








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